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CAN Lambda Link’s CAN Lambda is an easy to use CAN module that provides digital wideband sensor control via CAN bus and is compatible with leading aftermarket ECUs. 


If using the CAN Lambda with a G4+ PlugIn ECU use a Link CANPCB cable to access the CAN port on the PlugIn PCB and a Link CANF field insertable CAN plug.


The CAN-Lambda’s ability to measure the proportion of oxygen in exhaust gases makes it an essential tool for accurately tuning fuel mixtures as well allowing your ECU to make tuning adjustments 
on the fly. 

Being fully digital the CAN Lambda’s powerful LSU 4.9 sensor will eliminate any loss of signal, risk, delays and errors that analogue alternatives cause. The CAN-Lambda never requires free air calibration. 

CAN Lambda controller

  • Specifications

    • 1 x 4 pin male DTM connector (power/CAN)
    • 1 x 6 pin mating connector for LSU 4.9 Lambda sensor


    Enclosure 60 x 26 x 15mm
    Lead length 170mm
    Weight 70g


    Input Voltage
    Controller 7.5 - 20 V
    Sensor 10.8 - 16.5 V


    Input Current
    Controller 100 mA
    Sensor Heater 8 A

    Operating Temp -20 - 100 deg.C
    Sensor Bosch LSU4.9
    Sensing Range 0.67 - 10 lambda

    CAN Frequency 1Mb/s,500kb/s,250kb/s,125kb/s