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Deutsch DTM connecter sets:

  • crimp pins (1 extra)
  • wedge lock
  • connector housing


DEUTSCH DTM connectors fill the need for lower amperage, multi-pin connectors. These connectors are environmentally sealed and stand up to harsh environments. DEUTSCH DTM connectors can be mounted in-line, flanged, and used for PCB mount applications. The connectors are made of rugged thermoplastic and feature silicone rear wire and interfacial seals that allow the connectors to withstand conditions of extreme temperature and moisture.

Deutsch DTM Connector

    • Accepts contact size 20 (7.5 amps)
    • 14-22 AWG (2.50-0.35 mm2)
    • 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 12 cavity arrangements
    • Rectangular, thermoplastic housing
    • Integrated latch for mating
    • Wedgelocks confirm contact alignment and retention