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M8 uninsulated ring terminal


2 versions:

  • Medium: AWG 16–14 / 1.0–2.6 --- CMA range: 3000-5000
  • Large: AWG 12–10 / 2.7–6.6 --- CMA range: 7000-10,000


Material: Tin Plated Brass


Calculate CMA: Take this formula to caculate the cma of one strand, and multiply it by the number of strands in your wire:

For example a 44A0111-20-0 wire, is a 20AWG wire that consist out of 19 strands of 32 AWG. So this gives us a CMA of 63,21 for one strand, multiplied by 19 gives us a CMA of 1200


Tool: Round Splice Crimp Tool

M8 Ring Terminal