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The new PLEX Data Analysis Software® is one of the easiest, fastest and most versatile analysis solutions available and is meant to shape the way customers benefit from our dash displays and our other data loggers by saving time and enabling smarter decision making. Based on thorough usage case research while keeping the focus on delivering a fast & intuitive to use tool, we managed to create a solution that enables customers to better understand their logged data and as such derive actionable inferences in regards to identifying problems or improving performance.


PRO Version software coming soon, wich will be able to open all kind of dataloging file formats such as .CSV files ect.

Take advantage of the Plex Data Analysis SW and use it to analyse data from any logging system (ECUs, dedicated loggers, etc).




Hint: use this Demo Log File to “Play-around” with the SW

PLEX Data Analysis Software

    • Customisable UI
    • Fast Keyboard Shortcuts

    • Multiple Data Graphs & Reports

    • Easy File Comparison

    • Live Data Updating

    • Built-in Project Database

    • Video File Synchronisation

    • CSV Data Import (pro-version only)

    • Smart Tuning Maps