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SCL is encapsulant-lined, heatshrinkable tubing that provides moisture resistance, strain relief, and electrical insulation for electrical splices, terminations, breakouts, and mechanical connections. SCL is constructed as a dual-wall tubing. The outer wall is a semirigid, crosslinked polyolefin, while the inner wall is a meltable polyolefin that flows with the application of heat. Heating SCL shrinks the outer jacket and melts the inner “encapsulant” wall to flow and fill surface irregularities.

While still hot, the tubing can be pinched and blocked to form a wire breakout. SCL provides a splash-resistant, moisture-resistant covering suitable for many applications.


Additional product information

Adhesive Lined Yes
Operating Temperature Range -55 to 110°C
Minimum Shrink Temperature 135°C

Raychem SCL Adhesive Lined Heatshrink - 1.2m