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Entry-level, motorsport quality dash display with vivid 4.3”display that features our QuickGlance™ UI for best viewing ergonomics and minimal driver distraction. Comes with fully configurable CAN BUS, preloaded Smart Alarms, Auto-display Page Changing, a permanent Engine Log and 1-click Max. and Min. values function and the capability to display as many as 256 different ECU channels. The SDM-300 is compatible with most after-market ECUs and with OBDII.


What’s in the Box

  • Display
  • Tyco Spec44 wiring loom
  • 3M Velcro Tape
  • Mounting Screws


Available Product Versions

  • Basic
  • Version with I/Os (2x multi-purpose inputs plus 2x aux. ouputs)

SDM-300 Dash Display

    • 4.3” High-brighness Antireflective TFT display
    • QuickGlance™ UI
    • Automatic display page changing
    • Preloaded Smart Alarms
    • Custom CAN BUS
    • Display of up to 256 ECU
    • 2x digital/analog inputs (optional)
    • 2x aux outputs (optional)
    • Multiple display page layouts
    • 4x different colour themes
    • Permanent Engine Log
    • 1-Click Min. & Max. Values function
    • Math Channels
      and more