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VMU-900 is our soon-to-launch Vehicle Dynamics Module & Logger. An integrated 50Hz GPS /100Hz IMU module enables very accurate measurements for a variety of applications such as driver analysis, lap timing, vehicle trajectory analysis, track mapping, acceleration-decceleration and more. The VMU-900 comes with a fully configurable CAN BUS, an RS232 port, 2 multi-purpose inputs and 2 aux outputs and is enclosed in a compact IP67 CNC aluminium body that weights just 86g.

VMU-900 Vehicle Dynamics Module & Logger

    • 50Hz GPS Module
    • 100Hz IMU Module

    • Fully Configurable CAN BUS Port

    • Status Indication LED Lights

    • IP67 Environment Protection

    • Optional Motorsport Connector

    • 32MB Built-in Memory

    • Math Channels

    • Serial Connectivity

    • Up to 64 Data Channels

    • Full-speed Micro USB Port

  • Bundled with free SDM Device/Configuration Manager SW. To download the PC SW click here.


    Key Features
    – Quick & easy device configuration
    – Firmware upgrades/updates via USB
    – Engine log review
    – Custom CAN Bus configuration
    – Math Channels